Origin & Philosophy

The Film and TV departament which is generally called as National Film School was founded in 1993 by the legendary documentary film director Henrikas Šablevicius whom students and colleagues called by his nickname Šoblė. At the core of the School philosophy are Šablevičius’ personal values: professionalism, strong and burning artistic ideas, respect for the tradition, ability to express ideas in an exceptionally unique way and, to quote the great master, a plight to “move forward without stopping at unnecessary and passing things”.

Study profile

The moving image is the most attractive and significant art form today, yet complexity is at the heart of this art. Therefore a cluster of study programmes such as directing, camera, screenwriting, sound directing, film management, film study (theory), and acting are offered at the same time and the same study cycle. Multidisciplinarity is a characteristic that distinguishes film and TV studies within the academic scope of the Academy. Students and teachers of the School cooperate with other art disciplines including music composition and performance, dance and drama.  This continuous interaction naturally generates new and innovative ideas.


Film and TV departament has around 98 students and 22 teachers including celebrated  film directors: Janina Lapinskaite; Head of the Film and Television Department:  Audrius Stonys, Algimanats Puipa, Giedrė Beinoriūtė; DOPs: Ramūnas Greičius, Viktoras Radzevičius, Mantas Šatkus; Sound directors: Saulius Urbanavičius, Algirdas Vėževičius,  Antanas Kučinskas, Vytis Puronas; Scriptwrights: Ramunė Čekuolytė, Raimondas Paškevičius; Film researchers / theoreticians: Živilė Pipinytė, Rasa Paukštytė and other staff members.

Art & Industry